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Lok-iz reference, registered and form business contributors for real estate professionals

Guardians of buildings, plumbers, shopkeepers ... But also any internet user with real estate sales information are waiting for you here!

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Our commitments

Benefit from our business providers network safely

Simplified contract

Our business providers are exclusively linked to Lok-iz. No relationship of subordination between our users and your activity.

Qualified Alerts

Our team check and review all real estate sale information before it is send to you.

Secure payment

The entire bounty is paid after the final sale of the property on your dashboard. An invoice is published with each bonuses payment.

Exclusive information

Take an exclusive area on your own map or reference your prescribers to be the only one to receive their recommendations.

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    Create your account

    Less than 3 minutes

    You will be contacted by one of our administrator in 24h maximum to validate your account.

  • 02.
    Take your areas

    And digitalize your real estate prospecting

    Challenge our community to receive sale information on your exclusive areas. (Housekeepers, gardeners, building caretakers, ... are waiting for you on Lok-iz)

  • 03.
    Obtain new recommendations

    Get mandate signatures

    Receive following informations: street address, sale owner identity and our business provider. It's your turn to obtain the mandate!

  • 04.
    Final sale

    Give the bonus on your dashboard

    When the final sale is done and you get your fees, the bonus will have to be paid to the business provider.



Receive recommendations from our thousands of business providers.

Lok-iz pro. digitizes real estate prospection by allowing all users to become your business providers. (Who are they?)
Receive qualified recommendations from our users on your exclusive prospecting areas.
Pay our business providers at the final property's sale on your dashboard, avoiding any subordination relationship with him.

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Reference your prescribers

Reference your prescribers

Recruit and federate your business providers network by communicating your exclusive code.

You don't need any prescriber contract, Lok-iz takes care of everything!

Your benefits

  • Refer your own business providers
  • Get their recommendations wherever they are
  • Track and manage live performances

Godson benefits

  • Lok-iz gives an additional bonus to your godson
  • Privileged link with your activity
  • Free Real Estate Prospector Training

Check your areas availability!

The reserved areas are exclusive to your activity.

Territorial exclusivity allows you to be the only professional to receive qualified recommendations from our Lokizers.

Enter an address and click on areas you want to know their availability.
An area represents ​​200m by 200m.

Specifically designed for professionals

Neighbours, building caretakers, hairdressers, housekeepers, gardeners... have always been valuable support for real estate agents. To facilitate the prospecting work of our professional partners, Lok-iz Pro has set up a unique system.
This system allows professionals seeking a specific property to receive recommendations from users matching criteria search.

They trust us


Any question on our services? Consult our FAQ to understand how we are working on improving your activity

  • What is the amount of the bonus I should pay to a business facilitator on Lok-iz?

    What is the amount of the bonus I should pay to a business facilitator on Lok-iz?

    The minimum bonus is set to 600€ for a condo and 850€ for a house. You can raise the bonus to stimulate your business facilitators network.

  • Do I have to pay a bonus when the mandate is signed?

    Do I have to pay a bonus when the mandate is signed?

    When a simple mandate is signed by your agency, Lok-iz pays 10€ to the business facilitator right away. If an exclusive mandate is signed, your agency will have to pay 10% of the amount of the previously set bonus.

  • What is the legal status of the business facilitators on Lok-iz?

    What is the legal status of the business facilitators on Lok-iz?

    The business facilitator is always linked to our platform and not to your activity, in order to avoid any subordination link with him. Lok-iz offers an extra income to its business facilitators. They are considered as private individuals as long as they don't shift the limit of 3500€ of extra income per year. Beyond that, they become advisors exclusively mandated by Lok-iz who guides them through the creation of an Ad-hoc legal status.

  • Can I reference my own business facilitators on the platform?

    Can I reference my own business facilitators on the platform?

    When you suscribe to the Lok-iz platform, you receive a unique code that enables you to coopt and reference your advisors network. The benefits of this system are :
    - the absence of reclassification within the social security agency
    - full transparency with your business facilitator
    - you receive the informations of your godson whatever his location is.

Want to learn more about our services? See our full FAQ →

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